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August / September 2016

Sponsor - TIAFT Brisbane Australia

Silver Sponsor TIAFT Brisbane Australia

PM Separations is proud to be a Silver sponsor for the upcoming TIAFT meeting in Brisbane. Please come and visit us at Booths 1 and 2 to discuss all your Toxicology requirements. Also in attendance at our booth will be our colleagues from Chiron who can help with your standards enquiries. Other PM Separations business partners in attendance will be UCT, Lipomed and Neogen. We do look forward to seeing you.

Sponsor - AACB Mass Spectrometry Satellite Meeting

AACB Mass Spectrometry satellite meeting Sponsor

PM Separations will again be sponsoring the AACB Mass Spectrometry satellite meeting, as one of the leading suppliers of Internal standards, calibrators, controls and LC/MS columns we will be highlighting the latest Recipe catalogue and very pleased to announce that Dr Carmen Alt the technical director of Recipe will be in attendance. Please visit us for your copy of the latest Recipe catalogue and news of our full range of products and services.

June / July 2016

Recipe Product Catalogue Available

The Recipe 2016/17 product catalogue for HPLC and LC-MS/MS is now available. New Products include ClinMass TDM kit for Benzo’s, TCA’s, Antidepressants and Antieptilitcs. With one step sample prep IS mix for Benzo’s, TCA’s, and Antidepressants 7 level Steroid cals and 3 level Steroid control IS mix for Amino Acids and Acylcarnitines in Dried Blood Spots (DBS) Improved PBG kit.

Hirschmann and Ritter Trade in Offer

Trade in your old repeater or dispenser and get up to 40% off list price on a new replacement. Take advantage of this offer to upgrade to German precision liquid handling Hirschmann dispensers, Ritter Repeaters.

Contact us for more details

April / May 2016

Save on Direct Replacement Filaments for Agilent Mass Spectrometers

PM Separations offers direct replacement filaments for Agilent mass spectrometers at significant savings. Save on Agilent # G7005-60061 and G7005-60072 for environmental, clinical and forensics testing labs.

Coming Soon: Details of trade in offer for repeaters and dispensers

March 2016

PM Separations is proud to announce our partnership with

AHN Biotechnologies GmbH: AHN Specialises in the development, manufacturing and distribution of LIQUID HANDLING PRODUCTS for the use in laboratories worldwide. The product range includes pipettes, tubes and products for filtration and purification of biomolecules.

BioPointe Scientific: BioPointe supplies the Total Defence range of filter tips This ultra-premium line of pipette tips combines several advanced features to produce the ultimate in sample protection, sample retrieval, and contamination prevention.

Hirschmann Liquid Handling: Uncompromising reliability - years of experience gained by Hirschmann in liquid handling are reflected in the perfection embodied in ceramus® and absolute attention to detail.

June / July 2015

Kura Biotec Recombinant Alternative

Enzyme for Lab Analysers

How much are you paying for your enzyme?

Kura Biotec’s E.Coli Recombinant β-Glucuronidase is an economical alternative for on-board hydrolysis of benzodiazepines in lab analysers.

It is available in 1mL (EBG-1mL) and 5mL (EBG-5mL) bottles.

More information can be found here or alternatively, please contact us directly.

GLW Cryo Freezer Boxes

GLW Cryo Freezer Boxes and Racks

PM Separations is pleased to announce the introduction of a new comprehensive range of freezer storage solutions.

The GLW range includes a variety of different sized boxes suitable for storage at -90˚C and autoclavable up to +121˚C. They come in many different colours, allowing for easy to use sample storage.

We now also offer a range of freezer racks, saving you precious storage space.

Please take a look at the full range at the GLW website.


ANZSMS25+AOMSC6 – Brisbane

Brisbane will be hosting the upcoming 25th Australian and New Zealand Society for Mass Spectrometry Conference, July 19-22.

We hope to see some of you there!

April / May 2015

Reference Standards

Standard Mixes

PM Separations is pleased to announce that in collaboration with our partner, Chiron, we are now able to offer the following exclusive standard mixes:

7-Amino Benzodiazepine Mix

7-Amino Benzodiazepine MixS-4849-K-AN CHI (1 mg/mL)

7-Amino Benzodiazepine MixS-4849-100-AN CHI (100 ug/mL)




Benzodiazepine Mix

S-4850-K-ME CHI (1 mg/mL)

S-4850-100-ME CHI (100 ug/mL)





a-Hydroxy alprazolam


S-4851-K-ME CHI (1 mg/mL)

S-4851-100-ME CHI (100 ug/mL)




Methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA)




Opiate Glucuronide Mix

S-4854-K-MX CHI (1mg/mL)

S-4854-100 CHI (100 ug/mL)




Labelled Opiate Glucuronide Mix

S-4855-K-MX CHI (1 mg/mL)

S-4855-100 CHI (100 ug/mL)




We hope that these mixes will be of great benefit to our toxicology customers, saving both time and money. Please contact us for further details.


ANZ Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Workshop

PM Separations will be attending the upcoming AACB ANZ Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Workshop on 14-15 May 2015 in Sydney. We hope to see you there.


Pan Pacific Veterinary Conference

We also look forward to meeting some of our veterinary customers at the Pan Pacific Veterinary Conference, to be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre May 23-29.

Please come and see us at Stand 129!

January / February 2015

Introducing: BioPointe Scientific Filter Tips

PM Separations is pleased to announce the introduction of BioPointe Scientific® filter tips to its extensive product range. All BioPointe products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and certified free of RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogens.

Please feel free to download the catalog here and contact us today for more information and pricing.

BioPointe Scientific Logo
Filtered Pipette Tips

Essential for PCR and other critical applications, BioPointe Scientific's comprehensive line of filtered pipette tips is the professional's choice for eliminating carry-over contamination.

Packing Options:

  • Bulk (1000)
  • Racked (96) and Sterilised

BioPointe Total Defence
Total Defence Filtered Pipette Tips

This ultra-premium line of pipette tips combines several advanced features to produce the ultimate in sample protection, sample retrieval, and contamination prevention.

The self-sealing filter seals on contact, eliminating any threat of sample contamination.

Packing Options:

  • Racked (96) and Sterilised

PM Separations: Setting the Standard

PM Separations supplies a wide range of reference standards and calibrators across many disciplines, including forensic, clinical, environmental and food testing laboratories.

We also have an extensive range of isotope-labelled compounds and matrix-matched controls.

Let us do the hard work for you - no more internet searching and no more importation licences!

Our extensive product range includes:


  • Drugs of Abuse
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Designer Drugs
  • Synthetic Cannabinoids
  • Metabolites
  • Isotope Labelled
  • Bio Matrix Controls


  • Blood Chemistry
  • Bile Adids
  • Metabolomics
  • Bio Matrix Controls


  • Volatiles
  • Semi-Volatiles
  • Mixed Standards
  • Metabolites
  • Isotope Labelled
  • Bio Matrix Controls


  • Androst-based
  • Cholest-based
  • Chol-based
  • Estr-based
  • Pregn-based
  • Corticosteroids
  • Metabolites
  • Isotope Labelled
  • Bio Matrix Calibrators
  • Bio Matrix Controls


  • Trace Elements
  • Heavy Metals
  • Multi-elements
  • Bio Matrix Controls
  • Foot Matrix Controls
  • Enviro Matrix Controls


  • Vitamin A,B,C,D,E,H,K
  • Folic Acid
  • CoQ-10
  • Metabolites
  • Isotope Labelled


  • Alkaloids
  • Pesticides, PCBs
  • Explosives
  • Enviromental Contaminants
  • Food Safety
  • 1° and 2° pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical Impurities

December 2014

Kura Biotec

Abalone derived β-glucuronidase

Abalone derived β-glucuronidase is used for the enzymatic hydrolysis of glucuronides from urine and other biological matrices prior to analysis. Molluscan β-glucuronidases also contain sulfatase activity.

β-glucuronidase derived from Abalone is thermotolerant when compared with E. coli, H. pomatia and bovine liver enzyme therefore, the hydrolysis reaction can be performed at a higher temperature. This achieves complete hydrolysis in less time and improved deconjugation of metabolites such as morphine-3-glucuronide.

Another application of the Abalone derived β-Glucuronidase is for the deconjugation of steroids in human and animal urine samples. When compared with H. pomatia, Limpet and bovine liver, Abalone derived β-glucuronidase gave the best results.

Kura Biotec Logo

Kura Biotec’s BG100 Red Abalone β-Glucuronidase is:

  • Highly efficient
  • In stock for your convenience
  • Competitively priced
  • Sustainably sourced

Contact PM Separations today for more information.


PM Separations’ National Head Office will be relocating to a new premise.

As of the 18th December our address will be:

Unit 3/32 Neumann Road
QLD 4157

Our postal address and telephone numbers will remain the same:

PO Box 498
Capalaba DC
QLD 4157
Ph: +61 7 3390 1096
Fax: +61 7 3390 1370

Please be advised that we will be open for business as usual during this time.


PM Separations will be closed from the 24th of December 2014 to the 5th of January 2015. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas 2014 from PM Separations

November 2014


Benchmark Scientific, Inc specialises in personal bench-top laboratory equipment for basic research and life science applications (e.g. shakers, vortexers, centrifuges, homogenizers, incubators, etc). Their staff has over 30 years of engineering and manufacturing experience. The product designs are innovative, the quality is unparalleled and prices are very competitive. The recent launch of the Accuris precision instruments line, including the new Mini Balance, increases the products on offer to laboratories.

Freezer Rack Promotion

We are now offering a huge discount on our popular 10x10 and 9x9 freezer boxes, suitable for autosampler vials and micro-centrifuge vials. They are also a handy way to store your reference standard ampoules. Please have a look at the range of colours available here.

HSA Team - Dr Yao Lee and Dr Hong Kheng with PM Separations

SensPERT Promotion

We are pleased to announce that we are offering 20% off all SensPERT animal diagnostic kits until 31st December 2014. This includes canine heartworm, feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), parvovirus and more!

New Staff

PM Separations has welcomed two new staff members to its team in the last few months.

PM Seperations Newest team member - Caroline

Caroline has joined us on a part-time basis to help Steve out in the warehouse, and ensure we can continue to deliver your orders efficiently.

PM Seperations Newest team member - Hayley Scrivens

Hayley Scrivens is our new Application Specialist and has an extensive background in toxicology. She will be able to help you with any weird and/or wonderful product queries you may have.

May / June 2014

Pobel - Bottle Top Dispensers

PM Separations is pleased to announce the release of the Lab gills range of bottle top dispensers. Valued by laboratories around the world the high precision and accuracy of the dispensers is ensured through the careful selection of raw materials and strict quality control checks during the manufacturing process. Each instrument is calibrated in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, and comes with a calibration certificate. Combining high performance and competitive pricing the Lab Gills bottle top dispenser range meets all the needs of today’s laboratory.

PM Separations on the Move

As the leading supplier of products and services to laboratories in the Asia pacific region, it is not uncommon for Michael and Patricia to be seen visiting our customers and business partners in the region. On the recent visit, Michael was guest of Rd. Yao at the Health Science Authority where he presented an update on the development of new UCT SPE products. The small but enthusiastic audience benefited from the news of Xcel I and II and FASt columns. The time saving of the Xcel II for THCA analysis was of particular interest.

Michael can be seen below with Dr Yao and Lee Hong Kheng from HSA and he would like to extend his thanks for the warm welcome to the laboratory.

HSA Team - Dr Yao Lee and Dr Hong Kheng with PM Separations

From Singapore Michael was joined by Patricia in Tokyo where we have the pleasure of meeting with the Chubu science team. Chubu is the authorized UCT distributor in Japan and Michael took the chance to visit a number of laboratories while Patricia took the chance to visit a number of shrines and shopping malls and eat mochie :)

We would like to thank Kinji Sano and his team for their support and time during the visit

Chubu Science team photo

Jan 2014

Axiom Diagnostics

PM Separations, your total solution partner for 4308 screening and adulterant products is proud to announce the formation of our alliance with Axiom Diagnostics.

Axiom Diagnostics manufactures and distributes the highest quality products for sample validity testing of urine samples subject to workplace drug test protocols.  We guarantee the finest service and products in the industry at competitive prices. The range includes reagents, calibrators and controls to test for Creatinine, pH, Specific Gravity and Oxidants to highlight a few of the assays. The reagent kits are compatible with a range of platform including the Olympus range.

Axiom Diagnostics, Inc. follows the guidelines established by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Drug Testing Advisory Board which stated, "... a urine specimen is considered adulterated, substituted, diluted, or invalid if the test results do not fall within the accepted ranges."

Axiom Diagnostics" products are routinely retested in order to assure performance is within the established acceptable ranges. Axiom also monitors updates in the SAMHSA regulations and incorporates mandated changes into any affected products.

Ecoli enzyme for automated Drug Screening Platforms

Following on from the enormous success of the launch of the KURA beta glucuronidase enzyme in the Asia Pacific region, we are pleased to announce the release of our Ecoli enzyme for use on automated platforms. Recent trials by accredited AS/NZ43088:2008 laboratories established the suitability of the KURA enzyme as a replacement for their current source. As with the beta glucuronidase enzyme, the ecoli enzyme will be less expensive than the competitors and will always be in stock

Propette Pipette Range

We are pleased to announce the release of the MTC Bio range of Propette pipettes. Propette is one of the largest selling pipettes in the US and Europe and

  1. Is fully autoclavable
  2. Has a Locking device with "homing" feature that locks into the nearest whole decimal
  3. A Calibration tool included
  4. Light spring pressures, reduced overall weight, comfortable handle for superior ergonomics
  5. Extremely Robust
  6. Made in the US

Competitively priced they offer quality and precision to rival other brands such as Gilson and Eppendorf but a fraction of the cost.


Available in all sizes 2ul, 10ul, 20ul, 100ul, 200ul, 1000ul, 5000ul, 10ml. Contact Us today for further details.

June / July 2013

July and August saw our staff “taking it to the streets”

Michael caught up with a number of Key customers including Monica from Watercare, originally from Puerto Rico some of the emails between Monica and our own Dr Patricia Vazquez make for some interesting lunchtime Spanish lessons.

Michael and Monica pose for a shot

From Auckland Michael visited Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch, apart from the cookie time Afghan cookies the highlights included a “night at the footy” where Grant Moore and Michael watched the Crusaders easily account for the Chiefs, Grant has suggested it is the influence of the long haired sword wielding “maidens” at half time that secured the win.

Michael at the football game

Feeling the lure of the southern Alps, Michael found his pioneering spirit and drove to Arthur’s pass where the scenery can only be described as breathtaking.

The southern alps

Seeing falling snow for the first time saw the battery life in his android plummet faster than the outside temperature.

Snow falling

despite the many rumours circulation it is not all fun and play at PM Separations, there are times when work needs to be done, so back from NZ Michael headed to Sydney for the bi annual “What’s new in Laboratory” where he presented “A novel approach to sample preparation for drugs of abuse in workplace testing”, a talk on drugs of abuse is always well received.

PM Separations drug abuse talks

from Sydney it was Newcastle's turn this time with Dr Patricia Vazquez in the touring party. The trip north is always enjoyable and made even more so by the reception given to Patricia and Michael by the staff in the drug laboratory. The head of Lab Dr Santiago Vazquez was not in attendance, but that did not stop some very high level discussions regarding the value of chocolate in our diet to take place. As always Emma and Philippa “Pip” Cawsey were fabulous hosts.

Fabulous hosts

they say too much a good thing is bad for you so it was with heavy hearts and sore jaws from laughing so much....I mean too much high powered toxicology discussions Michael and Patricia headed back to Sydney, to be greeted with the 3rd icon of Sydney......Traffic

Sydney Traffic

and that brings an end to the recent travels by PM Separations staff, there are rumours the lure of Lattes and Villis London buns and Balfours rock cakes has Michael travelling to Perth and Adelaide.......the final picture is for Darren Smith of the bayside bombers who enjoys the website for Michael's culinary this one is for you Dukes

High class food

nothing quiet says it like an airport lounge hot dog

Product Update

MTC HPLC Filter Range

These HPLC “column savers” are designed to give you the very best filter capacity for un-inhibited flow while providing the best protection for your HPLC Columns. These easy to use filters prevent un-dissolved particles from getting into your HPLC column’s frits or into the column. In 0.2 and 5um these low cost disposable filters are ideal for protecting your analytical columns.

HPLC Filters

Screw Cap Tubes

“Always in stock”

“Excellent Prices”

“Quality is great”

“With such a great price I don't wash my tubes anymore”

These are some of the comments our customers are making regarind our range of screw top tubes.

Screw Top Tubes

May / June 2013


Since 1997 o2si has been committed to providing calibration standards to the environmental industry. The O2Si focus is on supplying custom, made to order standards at prices and turnaround times comparable to off the shelf suppliers. Concentrating superior technical skills with world-class customer service has allowed o2si to make this idea a reality and become a leader in the environmental standards industry. This commitment to excellence has driven our growth into expanded markets, including organic and inorganic calibration standards, innovative laboratory products and specialty reagents and solutions. Across the globe, o2si is recognized as a leader in these product areas.


Reference Standards

Lipomed AG’s Reference Standards include the following classes of substances, their deuterated analogues and metabolites, such as Glucuronides and Sulfates, which are available as calibrated ready to use solutions, ready to use calibrated powders and bulk powders in standard size packaging.


The IsoSciences Catalog offers the largest selection of stable isotope-labeled vitamins, steroids, metabolites and other molecules of chemical and biological interest. All molecules are synthesized in IsoSciences facilities. Contact us today for a copy.

February / March 2013

MTC Phenyl Column

The Phenyl column is now the column of choice for LC/MS users, the unique properties of the column allow for the sepation of structural or constitutional isomers such as Methamphetamine and Phentermine. Also the MTC phenyl column has been shown to provide baseline separation of EME which has been problematic with conventional HPLC columns. Used also with LCMS because there is no end-capping that will bleed into your MS as with most other phenyl columns. Direct silicon carbon bonds and the hydride surface give these columns extremely long life times compared to other phenyl columns based on ordinary silica. Increase your through put and “do more with less” using the Cogent Phenyl Hydride HPLC columns.

UCT Buffer Pouches

Coming Soon:

UCT has developed a line of ’ready-to-use’ phosphate and acetate buffers supplied in pre weighed pouches The UCT buffer packets are a convenient way of accurately preparing the necessary reagents, at the proper pH and concentration, for solid phase extraction methods. These pre-measured packets eliminate time and more importantly any potential error in the buffer preparation, ensuring the highest efficiency in the extraction method. As with all UCT products, these buffer packets are prepared with the same high quality standards used in the manufacture of the entire line on SPE products.

Decemeber / January 2013

Isosciences: Specialists in Stable Isotope & Metabolite Synthesis

Certimass reference standards

Stable Isotope Labeled Standards in Solution for Vitamins and Steroids. In our continuing effort to provide better stable isotope labeled standards, IsoSciences is proud to announce that we now have our most popular stable isotope labeled standards available as solutions. These CertiMass™ Reference Standards have exact concentrations for each lot. They are ready to use and thus will lower your cost and reduce waste. In addition, we have packaged our CertiMass™ standards in very affordable package sizes. Users of our vitamin standards will be happy to learn that our CertiMass™ standards have increased chemical stability. As always, the solid forms of our standards are readily available.

GC and HPLC Syringes

Target brand precision glass syringes provide superior quality, performance and accuracy. Manufactured from top quality 33 expansion borosilicate glass barrels all syringes feature unique chromium plated stainless steel plungers - this eliminates ion leaching and pH shifts that can affect sensitive samples. Target brand syringes are available in a wide range of configurations for GC autosamplers, manual injection, HPLC sample injection, liquid dosing, gas sampling and other applications requiring exceptional precision. Brands supported Agilent, CTC, Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu and Waters. Contact us today for details

November 2012

GOMA Enzymes

Building on the success of the GOMA Beta Glucuronidase we are pleased to announce the relase of 2 new enzymes. , Sulfatase it’s mostly use for analysis of sulfate conjugates like catechins, flavonoids and sulphated Steroids and used by many molecular biology research labs Haliatase is for seaweed research and processing, it can be used for protoplast isolation (in vitro cloning in Research labs) or for seaweed hydrolysis (food or nutraceuticals companies).


Aqueous Ethanol Standards

Lipomed announces the availability of its new product line of AQUEOUS ETHANOL STANDARDS. Lipomed has developed this line to support laboratories looking for high quality and reliable aqueous ethanol standards used in the calibration of analytical techniques for quantitative analysis of ethanol.

October 2012

Clean Screen DAU and Analysis of New Pain Medication Drug

Forensic toxicologists that test post mortem samples are often challenged with extracting, identifying, and most importantly quantifying many drugs and their metabolites. This information is vital for medical examiners to offer interpretation into the cause and manner of a particular case. When toxicologists come across a new drug, the challenge becomes the development of a validated method. The Clean Screen DAU column, allows workers in the field of forensic toxicology to do exactly that. This powerful column, with its ability to extract a wide and diverse range of weak acid, neutral and basic drugs was utilized by Scott Larson and the toxicologists of Washington DC Chief Medical Examiner for the analysis of tapentadol and its metabolite N-desmethyltapentadol. The drug which is one of the newer pain medication drugs was extracted and quantified from post mortem samples of blood and tissue samples. This work was reported in the July 2012 issue of Journal of Analytical Toxicology. The information gained from this analysis allows Forensic Toxicologists working in this field to be confident in the capability of the Clean Screen DAU to extract newer pain management drugs such as tapentadol.


Antimycotics - Reference Materials with enlarged analyte spectrum

Now available: ClinCal® Plasma Calibrator Set and ClinChek® Plasma Controls with enlarged analyte spectrum: Itraconazole, Hydroxy-itraconazole, Fluconazole, Posaconazole, Voriconazole.

Levetiracetam (Keppra®) in Serum / Plasma- HPLC Complete Kit

The new ClinRep® HPLC Complete Kit for Levetiracetam guarantess reliable drug monitoring. By using the same analytical column, the method can easily be combined with our "HPLC Complete Kit, advanced" which allows the quantification of further 16 different antiepileptic drugs and clinical relevant metabolites.

15 May 2012

UCT 2 Step THCA Method saves money and improves efficiency

Over the past few years clients demands for faster turnaround times for results has seen an increase in the need for labs to streamline process’s to meet customer demands.

This has led to an explosion of new techniques and technologies, not all of which are instrument or lab friendly.

In response to these changes UCT introduced the new Xcel II column for THCA in urine. With the modern work place lab in mind the method is fast with reduced solvent usage and wastage and produces high recoveries with clean extracts.

Already used by labs around the world the 2 step THCA method will add time and cost savings to your lab.

6 December 2011

PM Separations and UCT in Hong Kong and Korea

As part of the commitment to the Asia Pacific region Mike Kofel and Steven Telepchak joined PM Separations CEO Michael Rennie visiting key customers in the region assisting with method development as well as introducing new products.

PM Sep and UCT in Hong Kong and Korea

6 December 2011

Hong Kong Jockey Club

It was a great pleasure to visit the world leading Hong Kong Racing club and Dr April Wong was a very gracious host. PM Separations supplies UCT SPE to racing labs in many regions of South East Asia and the discussions with Dr Wong were of great interest to all parties.

PM Sep and UCT in Hong Kong and Korea

6 December 2011

The Chelleson Sales Team

The Chelleson sales team, PM Sep CEO Michael Rennie and Mike Kofel and Steven Telepchak enjoy a traditional Hong Kong Dim Sum lunch.

PM Sep and UCT in Hong Kong and Korea

6 December 2011

Insung Chemical

From Hong Kong we flew east and visited the office of the exclusive South Korean Distributor Insung chemical. The travellers can be seen enjoying a traditional Korean lunch with Insung founder and current president GS Yoon. Mr Yoon does look much more at ease on the heated wooden floor than his quests. Despite dealing with metal chopsticks, difficult to pronounce foods and leg cramps the food and company was outstanding.

PM Sep and UCT in Hong Kong and Korea

6 December 2011

Picture NFS

It was with great pleasure that we were allowed to visit and present at the NFS offices in Korea. After ginseng tea with Dr Heesung Chung, NFS director and President elect of TIAFT we visited the labs with Dr Kim (pictured below with Mike Kofel and Michael Rennie) NFS is the leading laboratory in Korea for forensic and human drug testing. It was our CEO’s 4th visit to NFS.

Visiting NFS Korea

6 December 2011

New Source of Beta Glucuronidase

PM Separations is pleased to announce their appointment as exclusive distributors of GOMA Biotec beta glucuronidase. Sourced from abalone the material can be compared with H. Pomatia, Patella vulgata and bovine liver enzyme. GOMA biotech beta glucuronidase with help reduce reagent costs and improve sample hydrolysis. Supplied in liquid form it is more auto sampler friendly and can be store at 2-8oC and in these conditions will retain its activity for at least 6 months.

6 December 2011

Lin Zhi THC Kits for Immunoassay

Lin Zhi are pleased to announce the release of their new THC formulation. The cut off for the assay is 50ng/ml and the new improved formulation means greater calibrator and control stability with over 12 months real time stability data. The new assay is just one of the reasons why Lin Zhi is quickly becoming the choice for calibrators, controls and reagent sets. Their Buprenorphine, 6MAM, Oxycodone and new THC formulation are now the bench mark in human drug testing.

6 October 2011

Prestigious UCT SPE award for Australian analyst

In what has become a much anticipated tradition among the forensic toxicology community, UCT CEO and President Mike Telepchak presented the first ever UCT SPE award for an Australian. Nathan Sumner of the Chemistry Centre in WA received his award for his outstanding work in the extraction and analysis of the new "BathSalts " drugs i.e., the Cathinones such as methylone from biological samples. Nathan developed his SPE procedure for use with LC-MS/MS. Nathan was unable to attend the presentation due to a wedding so PM Separations CEO, Michael Rennie accepted the award on Nathan's behalf.

6 October 2011

Forget the 3 tenors

The following photograph of the 4 Michael's at the SOFT/TIAFT conference prompted one attendee to suggest that being called Michael and having little or no hair was a good way to get a position at UCT. Pictured L to R are Mike Telepchak (CEO UCT), Mike Kofel (UCT Technical support), Mike Coyer (Northern Tier Research) Michael Rennie (CEO PM Separations). Next year they agreed to wear wigs.

The 4 Michaels

6 October 2011

Lipomed at SOFT/TIAFT

To show support for the ever increasing number of labs worldwide using their standards, Lipomed had a booth at the recent meeting in San Francisco, and judging by the number of visitors to the booth it is clear the Lipomed brand is very popular. Pictured at the booth are Mario Pasquier(Lipomed), Michael Rennie (CEO PM Separations) and Eric Hoffbeck (Head of Lipomed Drug Standards). PM Separations CEO Michael Rennie indicated that PM Separations will be increasing the number and range of standards held in our Brisbane warehouse. PM Separations have seen an increase in the numbers of labs using Lipomed standards.

Lipomed Soft 2011

6 October 2011

Cleaning Solution for Olympus Instruments

We are pleased to announce the release of the ABS biomedical cleaning solution designed especially for Olympus instruments. Many labs use products as Dextran to clean cuvettes, however, it has been noted that many detergents do not clean the cuvettes properly and carry over and contamination does occur. With the Olympus specific cleaning solution you can be sure that these issues do not occur in your laboratory. Contact us today for pricing

2 September 2011

Oil & Grease has been approved as a standard method via SPE 5520 G

The UCT O&G column offers a built in pre-filter which works extremely well to remove solid material from samples. The pre filter allows for fast flow and good recoveries. The added benefit of the large surface area is the capacity of the O&G column. The UCT O&G provides the highest flow rate and recoveries of any column. Coupled with the added benefit of reduced solvent use and OH+S problems the choice of columns for Oil and Grease analysis is clear

For Further information Visit Link

1 September 2011

UCT has two outstanding application notes for you to review

1. Appearing in the Special Issue of Journal of Analytical Toxicology (JAT). Forensic toxicologists are always being challenged to extract, confirm and quantify drugs and poisons in post mortem samples. The September issue of JAT features a publication by Dr. Thomas Rosano, D-ABFT who employed the UCT flagship sorbent (Clean Screen DAU) to perform this analysis. In his paper "Postmortem Drug Screening by Non-Targeted and Targeted Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Technology" (JAT 35 (7) 411-23), Dr Rosano's team was able to analyse over 200 drugs on the Clean Screen DAU with excellent levels of efficiency. This developed methodology is indicative of the high quality of materials that the UCT is renowned for.

2. The Chem Centre in Western Australia is known for its innovative and ground breaking work. An example of this is the recent poster presentation at FACTA by Katie McKean and co authors Sarah Thomas and Francios Oosthuizen titled "Analysis of COCAETHYLENE, COCAINE and its Metabolites in biological samples by LCMS-QQQ" the poster describes a highly sensitive and selective method using UCT's unique sorbent Clean Screen Xcel

Download the PDF

8 August 2011

PM Separations Gold Sponsor

PM Separations was pleased to be a Gold sponsor of the 2011 FACTA meeting held at the Melbourne Rialto. The meeting contained many interesting oral and poster presentations and those who attended the pharmacology workshop on Sunday were treated to an outstanding presentation by Dr. Lionel Raymon. PM Separations had on view the latest range of products from their business partners, UCT, UTAK, Ritter, Lipomed and OV GC columns. There was a lot if interest in the Ritter automatic dispenser and UTAK whole blood products. The meeting was a success and well attended and we look forward to being associated with FACTA and its members at the next meeting

Proud sponsor of the facta meeting in Melbourne Proud sponsor of the facta meeting in Melbourne

14 June 2011

O2si receives ISO/IEC accreditation

We are pleased to announce that o2si smart solutions has received ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and Guide 34:2009 accreditations effective May 4, 2011.

This places o2si among an elite group of vendors and suppliers that adhere to the strictest quality control and assurance guidelines, insuring that our customers receive the highest quality products available.

Please consider o2si your source for ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and Guide 34:2009 organic and inorganic reference materials.

13 May 2011

Ohio Valley GC/MS columns

Polyimide coated fused silica capillary GC columns from OHIO VALLEY are bonded, conditioned, and pretested. Each column is supplied with it’s own test chromatogram and is ready for immediate use.

For over 40 years, Ohio Valley has manufactured quality products for use in Gas Chromatography. We supply our world famous OV liquid phases (OV-1, OV-5, OV-73, OV-202, OV-1701, etc...) OV capillary columns as well as OV-1ms and OV-5ms columns, which have very low bleed characteristics.

11 May 2011

UCT Spice SPE Method now available using CLEAN SCREEN® SPE

Download the PDF or Contact us for more information.

11 May 2011

Ritter multi dispenser pipette offered at great prices by PM Separations

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11 May 2011

New UCT QuEChERS Booklet for the analysis of multiple pesticide residues in agricultural matrices

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20 January 2011

Lipomed - Drug Standards

Lipomed supplies a complete line of specified Drug Testing Products with lot-specific certificates of analysis, ranging from calibrated solids and solutions to high purity bulk reference substances that can also be supplied for drug disposition research. With uncertainty surrounding the recent Cerrillant acquisition by Sigma, Lipomed and PM Separations….both proudly Independent and 100% privately owned offer on going stability for all your drug standard supplies.

20 January 2011

Olympus and Hitachi Consumables

Alternative Biomedical Solutions (ABS) is a leading supplier of high-performance toxicology and chemistry consumables. ABS offers a comprehensive line of reagents and consumables. Our quality solutions provide clinical laboratories, drug testing labs and the pharmaceutical industry with value-driven products and services.

16 November 2010

Lipomed - New reference substances

To meet the ever increasing need of reference standards, an ambitious production plan of new reference substances is currently ongoing at Lipomed. Of interest of the new products are the following 4 designer amphetamines

Mephedrone.HCl Mephedrone-D3.HCl




Spice Standards

We offer two spice compounds; JWH-18 and JWH-73. Spice is a brand name for a mixture of herbs that has been sold in "smartshops" in Europe since 2002. It is usually smoked for its cannabis-like effects. Spice- drugs have received a lot of attention lately, and some compounds are already banned in several European countries.

16 November 2010

DeltaLab - 1.5ml safety lock microtubes

Made of ultra clear polypropylene. Feature a special "snap-seal" secure lock. A special locking clasp with a distinctive audible snapseal design ensures tubes will not open during centrifugation. Tubes have a frosted writing surface on side and on attached closure for better sample identification. Caps are easy to handle and can be opened and closed with one hand. Lids are easily pierceable. Tubes have moulded-in graduations in 0.5 ml increments.



Can be used from –90 ºC to 121 ºC

Withstand centrifugation up to 17,000 g

19 August 2010

New Direct HbA1c Reagent Application for Vital Diagnostics Envoy500 analyzer

Pointe Scientific, Inc. has introduced an application for the direct measurement of HbA1c on the Vital Diagnostics Envoy500 analyzer.

This unique single-channel immunoturbidimetric assay is fully automated, requires no manual sample preparation, no separate total hemoglobin measurement and no additional calculations.

Non-specific binding of total hemoglobin, both glycated and non-glycated to latex particles is employed in the first reaction. Specific antibodies used in the second reaction result in agglutination of only HbA1c bound latex particles. The absorbance of the agglutination is measured at 600 to 660nm and the %HbA1c concentration is determined using calibrators with known %HbA1c values

PDF Download available

For more information, please contact our office.

19 August 2010

Deltalab Swabs

Media Swabs, Stuart Swabs, Cary Blair Swabs, Amies Swabs, Virus Swabs, Clhamydia Swabs.

PDF Catalogue available

13 July 2010

ClinCal® Serum Calibrators for Antipsychotic Drugs, TDM 1 - 4

Now available: 4 new ClinCal® Serum Calibrators for the Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of 29 different Antipsychotic Drugs with HPLC and LC-MS/MS. For quality control, suitable ClinChek® serum controls are available (see analyte survey, pdf-file, 84 kB).

Further information ClinCal TDM1-4

Further information ClinChek TDM1-4

13 July 2010

Lipomed Reference standards

Mephedrone. HCl (d,l-4-Methylmethcathinone.HCl) and Methandienone are now available.

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24 May 2010

Clean Screen Xcel

The next generation of SPE columns

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